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Undisputed Texas Oil Field Injury Lawyers with the Largest Oilfield Recovery to date in HistoryOur Oilfield accident lawyers have won billions of dollars, including the largest settlements and verdicts in the United States for oilfield workers throughout the U.S. who suffered severe injuries severely burned and tragically killed as a result of the worst gas and oil blast out, accidents, and explosions that have occurred in the history of the World.

In the last five years alone, our Unbeaten Oilfield Accident Attorneys have recouped:

  • # 1 Largest Oilfield Accident Settlement in U.S. History (2021)
  • #1 Most Largest Oilfield Burn Injury Settlement within U.S. History
  • $100 million settlement for employees injured in an explosion in the oilfield
  • Payment of $75 million for workers injured in an oilfield blast out
  • $67 million compensation for worker injured from an oilfield accident
  • the top Largest Accident Verdict in Texas
  • the number one Largest Accident Settlement in Texas

We Oilfield Injury Lawyers can obtain these unimaginable and record-setting outcomes as a result of (1) we are committed to and fight for all of our customers, (2) we have the experience and resources to face the biggest legal teams in the nation, We can (3) we’ll take on trial, in which our lawyers remain unbeaten if the settlement offer does not adequately pay families and individuals for all the losses and injuries.

Our Oilfield Lawyers Become Like Family

What sets our Oilfield Accident Lawyers from other law firms? Our knowledge, experience, dedication to our clients, and the record-setting recovery we’ve negotiated for them.

Many of our former clients stated, “we’re more than just your lawyers. We’re your family.”

From finding and enabling our clients to visit the most reputable doctors and medical professionals across the nation as well as putting together trust funds and financial plans to safeguard their children’s or loved one’s future, Our oilfield accident lawyers do all they can for those we represent and for their families – even years after their cases have been settled successfully.


Learn more about our record-breaking recoveries and read our client’s testimonials about their experience with our Undisputed Oilfield Injury Lawyers on our Client Testimonials Page, Results Page, or YouTube Channel.


Suppose you or someone close to you suffered serious injuries or were tragically killed during an oilfield accident or explosion. In that case, Your company and legal team will do everything they can to shield themselves from responsibility and pay your family and yourself as little as possible for your losses and injuries, regardless of what they say to you.


If you don’t ensure your family, yourself as well as your family’s future, then you must expect the insurers, the company, and its legal team to

We deny liability and deny responsibility for the accident and

Lose and throw away vital evidence to prove you were to blame or that you weren’t in any way responsible for the accident.


Offer the lowest price possible compared to the amount your case would be worth by a seasoned oilfield accident lawyer – for your injuries and losses.

You are limited access to workers’ compensation benefits, which are only a tiny percentage of your wages lost and don’t pay for any injuries, pain, impairment or inability to work and participate in activities you enjoy.

You must visit “Company” or “worker’s compensation” doctors, who are more concerned with helping companies save money instead of providing you with the highest quality medical care.


You can terminate your employment at the first chance that comes along to complete your work, which usually occurs at the moment you lose your legal right to sue the company since the statute of limitations has expired and

Try to stop hiring lawyers and file one to allow the company to be free of responsibility and hinder your rights to seek damages.

Our lawyers have successfully represented thousands of injured workers in the oilfields across Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and the United States against the Largest Oil & Gas Companies in the World. Our Oilfield Accident Lawyers have repeatedly proved that we don’t just obtain justice for victims of accidents in the oilfield and have set records.


Oil Field Explosions and Accidents Are on the rise across the United States.

In terms of severe and fatal injuries, the petroleum and natural gas sector is among the most hazardous in the nation.

Between 2012 and 2021, the fatality rate of collectively offshore and onshore workers was seven times higher than that of all U.S. workers combined.

These numbers continue to grow because various rules and laws developed to safeguard workers and deter operators and owners from placing profit over safety continue to be eliminated.

  • What should you do following the event of an Oilfield Accident (or Explosion)
  • Stop working immediately
  • Inform the doctor as promptly as you can
  • You must seek immediate medical attention from the physician of your preference.

Don’t make formal statements, sign documents, or accept any payment from the business (besides your regular salary) before talking with an expert oil field injury lawyer.

Contact our Attorneys for Oilfield Injuries as quickly as you can.

Do not put your future in the company’s hands.

Contrary to what the business and its claims representatives (insurance agents) will claim, the main goal of their business is not to be accountable for paying your loved ones as low as they can.

The most popular methods that companies attempt to avoid liability after oilfield accidents are:

  • recording statements
  • employing private investigators to monitor and record the injured worker as well as the family members of the injured worker
  • “losing” crucial evidence to prove your company’s fault or that you weren’t responsible for the accident.
  • accusing the wounded worker of refusing the injured worker to “stop working” or complete a JSA (or the Hazard Analysis before beginning the work
  • attempt to denigrate the wounded worker by getting contradicting claims from coworkers or “experts” employed by the company following the incident

The goal is to minimize the severity of injuries to the worker by referring the worker to doctors who are employed and paid by the business and its insurer, or workers’ compensation company, and

by relying on anything that the injured person or family members publish on social media to claim they are exaggerating or making up stories about their injuries

Some businesses will even try to make injured workers sign documents that will prevent them from recovering costs from the company before when they can receive the worker’s pay.

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The Hidden Costs of Car Accidents: A Lawyer’s Perspective



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Car accidents are a common occurrence on roads and highways across the country. While the direct costs of car accidents, such as property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses, are well known, there are many hidden costs that are often overlooked. As a lawyer who has worked with many car accident victims, I know firsthand the impact these hidden costs can have on a person’s life. In this article, we will explore the hidden costs of car accidents and the importance of understanding them.

Direct Costs of Car Accidents

The direct costs of car accidents are the most visible and easily quantifiable. These include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses. Property damage can be costly, particularly if a car is totaled or requires extensive repairs. Medical expenses can quickly add up, particularly if a person requires hospitalization or surgery. Lost wages can be devastating, particularly if a person is unable to work for an extended period of time. Funeral expenses can be a significant burden for the family of a person who has been killed in a car accident.


Hidden Costs of Car Accidents

While the direct costs of car accidents are significant, the hidden costs can be even more devastating. These hidden costs include pain and suffering, emotional distress, future medical expenses, loss of future earning potential, impact on relationships, and impact on mental health. Pain and suffering can be difficult to quantify, but it is a very real cost of car accidents. Emotional distress can also be significant, particularly if a person experiences anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the accident. Future medical expenses can be a hidden cost if a person requires ongoing medical treatment or rehabilitation. Loss of future earning potential can also be significant, particularly if a person is unable to work at the same level as before the accident. The impact on relationships can also be a hidden cost, particularly if a person is unable to participate in activities they once enjoyed with family and friends. Finally, the impact on mental health can be significant, particularly if a person experiences anxiety, depression, or PTSD as a result of the accident.


Car accidents can have a significant impact on a person’s life, both in terms of the direct costs and the hidden costs. It is important for anyone who has been involved in a car accident to understand all of the costs involved, and to work with a lawyer who can help ensure that all costs are accounted for. Additionally, it is important for everyone to drive safely and to do their part to prevent car accidents from occurring in the first place.

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As the legal profession has evolved over the years, so too have the spaces where lawyers work. From the cramped and dark offices of the past, to the modern and chic workspaces of today, there has been a significant shift in the design and layout of lawyer offices. In this article, we will explore the evolution of lawyer offices, examining the reasons behind the changes, and the benefits they offer to lawyers and their clients.

The Origins of Lawyer Offices

The origins of lawyer offices can be traced back to the early days of the legal profession, when lawyers would often work out of their homes or in small, cramped spaces. These early offices were often dark, cluttered, and lacking in basic amenities like heat, electricity, and running water. As the legal profession grew, however, so too did the need for more professional and functional office spaces.


The Rise of the Modern Lawyer Office

In the mid-20th century, there was a significant shift in the design and layout of lawyer offices. Offices became larger, more spacious, and more functional, with ample space for clients, staff, and equipment. The modern lawyer office was born, and it quickly became the standard for law firms across the country.

The Benefits of Modern Lawyer Offices

There are many benefits to modern lawyer offices, both for lawyers and their clients. One of the primary benefits is increased productivity. With larger, more functional workspaces, lawyers are able to work more efficiently and effectively, with fewer distractions and more opportunities for collaboration.

In addition to increased productivity, modern lawyer offices also offer improved client experiences. With comfortable seating areas, refreshment stations, and modern technology, clients feel more at ease and confident in the abilities of their legal team.


The Future of Lawyer Offices

As technology continues to evolve, so too will the design and layout of lawyer offices. The future of lawyer offices is likely to be even more focused on functionality, with more automation and digitization of processes. However, there will still be a need for personal interaction between lawyers and clients, and it is likely that the importance of client comfort and experience will only continue to grow.


The evolution of lawyer offices has been a long and fascinating journey, from the cramped and cluttered spaces of the past, to the modern and chic workspaces of today. As the legal profession continues to evolve, so too will the spaces where lawyers work, and it is likely that we will see even more exciting changes and innovations in the years to come.

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Meet the Attorney General of Texas: Exploring the Role and Responsibilities



Attorney General of Texas

As the top law enforcement officer in the state of Texas, the Attorney General plays a critical role in protecting the rights and interests of Texans. If you’re curious about what the Attorney General does, keep reading to learn more about this important position.

Role of the Attorney General

The Attorney General of Texas is the chief lawyer for the state of Texas. In this role, the Attorney General serves as the legal advisor to the governor, state agencies, and other officials. The Attorney General is also responsible for representing the state in legal matters, including lawsuits and appeals. Additionally, the Attorney General is responsible for enforcing state laws, including consumer protection laws, environmental laws, and antitrust laws.


Responsibilities of the Attorney General

The Attorney General of Texas has a number of responsibilities, including:

1. Protecting Texans

One of the primary responsibilities of the Attorney General is to protect the rights and interests of Texans. This includes protecting consumers from fraud, enforcing environmental laws, and defending the state against lawsuits.

2. Providing Legal Advice

As the chief legal advisor to the state of Texas, the Attorney General is responsible for providing legal advice to state agencies and officials. This can include advice on issues related to contracts, employment law, and other legal matters.


3. Enforcing State Laws

The Attorney General is also responsible for enforcing state laws, including consumer protection laws, environmental laws, and antitrust laws. This can involve investigating violations of these laws and taking legal action to enforce them.

4. Representing the State in Legal Matters

The Attorney General represents the state of Texas in legal matters, including lawsuits and appeals. This can involve representing the state in cases related to criminal justice, civil rights, and other legal issues.

5. Advocating for Texans

Finally, the Attorney General is responsible for advocating for the interests of Texans. This can involve advocating for policies and laws that benefit Texans, as well as defending Texans against policies and laws that could harm them.


Meet the Current Attorney General of Texas

The current Attorney General of Texas is Ken Paxton, who was elected to the position in 2014. Prior to serving as Attorney General, Paxton served in the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate. As Attorney General, Paxton has focused on issues related to border security, religious freedom, and gun rights.


The Attorney General of Texas plays a critical role in protecting the rights and interests of Texans. From providing legal advice to enforcing state laws, the Attorney General is responsible for a wide range of important tasks. If you’re interested in learning more about the role of the Attorney General in Texas, there are plenty of resources available to help you learn more.

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