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Oil field accident injury lawyer in Texas



The Houston Chronicle reported that more than 400,000 workers are working in Texas natural gas and oil sector. The same newspaper declared that 40 per cent of all oil field deaths happen in Texas. It is evident that these fields have been pumping crude at an increasing amount; however, with this economic success is the untold tale of injuries and deaths.

In addition, Many of these injuries are not reported. Oil companies aren’t required to report all accidents. Therefore an accurate estimation of the injury number is impossible if an on-the-job accident isn’t reported promptly to supervisors and the claim for worker’s compensation is denied.


Fighting with an insurance company after having suffered an injury in the oil industry could add more stress to the agony you’re being forced to endure. Insurance companies with huge scales have a few lawyers who protect their bottom line at any cost, But who will stand up for you when you’re injured while working and they attempt to hide their responsibility?

Our Texas Oil field injuries lawyers at Ketterman Rowland & Westlund aren’t unwilling to fight to defend your legal rights. We’ve seen how non-sensical business practices of the largest insurance and oil companies could leave workers in the oil fields injured, battered, and burdened by their medical expenses.

If you’ve suffered an injury while working, you should contact an of our Texas oil field injury lawyers for a no-cost consultation. Fill out our online form to ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. You may have to deal with the effects of your accident for much long time to come, So act fast to secure the compensation you need to secure a promising future.

  • The Texas oil field lawyers for injury fight for hardworking individuals like you.
  • The work in the oil field is risky, and company negligence frequently results in injury or death.
  • If you’ve suffered an injury at work, It is crucial to contact an attorney for oilfield injuries now.

Employers and insurance companies regularly attempt to absolve themselves of obligation. Therefore you require protection from someone who understands the law.

Our team of experienced Texas oilfield injury lawyers know the unique circumstances.

Injuries resulting from oil field accidents usually focus on the part of negligence involved in the accident. It is the employer’s fault, but numerous possibilities could result in an injury in the oil field. For instance, the employee might not receive the proper training when they get hired, resulting in injury to someone else’s by failing to adhere to the required safety guidelines.

The issue of proving negligence is usually at the core of oil field injuries It’s almost impossible to prove without an extensive investigation and preparation. If you try to do it yourself, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by an array of “experts” and lawyers that insurance companies and employers employ to shield themselves from responsibility. We can help. Reach out to one of our skilled Texas attorneys for oilfield injuries today and let our team of lawyers fight for your rights as a person’s legal representative.


What causes oil field injuries? Occur?

Being in the oil field can pose various serious dangers, some of which can result in serious injury or even death. Our lawyers are regularly involved in cases involving injuries in the oil fields, and the most frequent injuries that can occur are:

The risk of falling is the most commonly reported type of injury that occurs on the job for employees working in the oil industry. Workers may fall off platforms where metallic surfaces are slippery or fall from other elevated surfaces while going about their daily routine. Injuries from falls can be particularly difficult, as the severity of an injury isn’t determined for a few days or even weeks. This could lead to your claim for worker’s compensation being rejected. If you’ve suffered an oil field incident, it is recommended that you seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if your injury appears minor. The peace of mind you have is more valuable than having to pay the cost of medical bills for years down the line.

Defective Equipment Vehicles, heavy machinery tools, and many other pieces of equipment used in oil fields may fail at any point and cause injury or even death. It is the duty on the part of employers to guarantee that regular maintenance avoids the possibility of injuries for workers in the oil fields.


Automobile Accidents – If you utilize a truck or a car for your work in the oil field, you are at risk of being involved in an accident. There is also the possibility of being injured by a worker who is negligently driving the vehicle. Employers must also keep their vehicles in good condition to ensure their safety.

The neglected Rig’s other machine requires attention and care to ensure its safety. Just one bolt that is loose to cause an injury that severe, and the company is responsible for ensuring the safety of workers in the oil field who spend time at the drilling rigs.

Naturally, there are many ways to be injured during work in the oil fields. If you’re unsure if your situation is suitable for settlement, call one of our Texas oil field injury lawyers immediately.


Injuries from oil field accidents or negligence can be fatal, as well.

There aren’t many jobs in America more hazardous than working in the oil industry. It is reported that the U.S. Bureau of Statistics stated that, on average, 100 workers are killed on the job each year. In reality, it’s believed that workers in the oil industry have a six-fold higher chance of dying while working than the rest of the United States workers.

In Texas, the oil industry is an integral part of daily life, making it one of the top states regarding injuries sustained on the job and deaths. In reality, Texas is the largest producer of crude oil in the United States, which means that it’s probable that you’ve known someone who has suffered an injury at some time in their lives or perhaps someone from your family.

Most often, injuries in the oil field could have been prevented. The operator’s negligence is usually the trigger that causes injury, and the burden of care lies with the employer. The state’s oil production is constantly increasing at an ever-increasing rate. There is a huge pressure to make more products in less time, and often with the cost of regular maintenance and safety measures.


When companies put more emphasis on their financial performance and the bottom line, it’s the oil field worker who is the one to suffer. To squeeze an extra dollar of profits into their annual reports, employees suffer grave injuries, disfigurement, scarring, or even years of painful rehab. Sometimes, all an oilfield worker’s family has left behind are their memories.

Injuries sustained while working in oil fields can comprise:

  • Burns from heat or chemicals
  • Smoke or toxic fumes inhalation
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of the limb
  • Head, neck, or back injury
  • Concussions and brain injuries

If you or someone close to you is injured while working in an oil field, Contact our office immediately to report the injury. Delay.

This team, comprised of Texas attorneys, will defend your rights to defend your rights.


In Ketterman Rowland & Westlund, we often witness the devastating consequences that an accident on the job could cause a person to lose their job or family. Oil field workers provide decent work that supports thousands of families; however, if an injury claim is rejected, the injured party might face medical costs, unpaid paychecks, and an extended recovery.

When they’re the main breadwinner within the family, it can create a massive burden for everybody and create a myriad of problems. Suppose you’ve been injured when working within the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, or any other area of the state. In that case, Our staff of petroleum field lawyers will assist you in pursuing any settlement that is legally yours.

There’s more than just money at stake. Now, you might suffer a lot due to your injury, but you may also have unanticipated complications in the future. Our lawyers work to make sure these potential risks are considered to ensure you can be sure that your future is secure in ways that you might not have thought of.


Your Texas lawyer may demand compensation for a wide range of causes

Compensation for you in a lawsuit involving oilfield injuries is to pay you back for any loss you’ve suffered. This can be for tangible and intangible losses. Your attorney can request the following types of compensation in the settlement.

  • Medical charges (including hospital, doctor, and emergency room costs)
  • Loss of wages due to missing work
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Cost of surgery
  • Suffering and pain
  • Other related costs

In this course of action, Your Injury Lawyer from KRW will collect and analyze pertinent documents such as information about your injury medical records, declarations from witnesses, and insurance papers.

Contact Us Texas Oil Field Injury Lawyers

Settling personal injury cases involving oil fields is a lot of hard work, and you’ll want to hire an trustworthy, skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney. Get in touch with one of our experienced litigators to schedule a no-cost consultation and learn what we can do to explore every option to maximize the settlement you receive and safeguard your rights as a worker.

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